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Civano Eyecare is a full-service optometry eye clinic and optical shoppe.  Our d├ęcor hails from the Victorian Era for a special ambiance of relaxation. Our staff includes an experienced optometrist, optician and optometric technician.


We serve the Southeast Tucson area including Rita Ranch, Vail and Corona de Tucson.  We even have patients from as far as California, Benson and Wilcox!


The ophthalmic exam includes vision testing, binocular testing, muscle testing, eye health and nutrition evaluation to be sure your eyes stay healthy!  We treat dry eye, styes and "pink eye".  If we find serious ocular disease or necessity of surgery we send our patients to the proper ophthlalmology specialty for further exam/evaluation with an experienced and trusted ophthalmologist.


We accept the following insurance plans:

VSP, Eyemed, AARP Discount, Avesis, Tricare, Cigna, United and Civano Eyecare Vision Plan


Mobile Eye Exams upon request.